1. Functional renormalization group.
(a). Why use derivative but not differential for fRG flow?
(b). Derivation of susceptibility loop function by symmetry.

2. Fano resonance in localized imaginary potential and PT-lattice.
(a). Branch potential & Bloch oscillation.
(b). 整理未被加進去的材料 : delta function case, 老師的怪招, 延伸之前的概念...
(c).|T|=1 等價於 perturbation work 如何証明 !?

3. Cluster-type RKKY
(a). Feshba resonance physics is still unknown.

加油 好嗎 >.^

1. 考托福
2. 物理年會2/2(二) and March meeting 3/15(記得換護照弄美簽聯絡承彥)

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