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"評審對於這篇修訂過的文章感到開心, 為避免這篇論文的重要性與及時性被耽誤, 我沒有其他建議..."

下面這是Refree Report 哈

Second Report of the First Referee -- DC10714A/Chang

In the revision of their text paying attention to elementary
phenomenological models of dynamically specified quantum sink/sources
the authors took carefully all my recommendations into account.

1. The text is now much more carefully prepared.

2. The original range of problems under consideration is perceivably
broadened. Several new and very interesting ideas and new results are
added. Some of them, I would say, of topical urgency.

3. Stylistically, even the presentation of the results is now very
perceivably improved.

4. Although the global format of this text would still deserve a
re-arrangement, I would leave the responsibility for this surviving and
still visible lack of patience to the authors this time.

Summarizing, the present referee feel happy with the thorough revision,
being aware that any recommendation of further revisions would be in
conflict with the topicality and urgency of the new text.

Recommendation: Accept.

Report of the Second Referee -- DC10714A/Chang

I see no reason to disagree with the first referee's assessment of the
revised paper. With the change of focus to periodic $PT$-symmetric
potentials it does contain some interesting new results, and I like the
pedagogical nature of the treatment as it proceeds to the periodic case
via a single barrier/well.


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